In the age of mobile internet, we are consolidating government services on a single platform covering information, services, and payments through a new product called MyPay. Through this personalised service, users receive reminders for all government due dates and receive reward points for transactions in-app.

By changing how users access, view, and use data to make payments, we are working on building a product that contributes to making lives easier in Malaysia and the region.

We see this as the future of citizen-government interactions.Click here to myPay 2.0 page.

Step 1: Login

Users login and are verified according to Know Your Customer ("KYC") standards in-line with Bank Negara Malaysia policies

Step 2: Dashboard

Users view their personal information, services, bills in relation to government departments they have transacted with in the past.

Step 3: Payment

Users select bills and pay via our integrated payment gateway. Government records are updated accordingly through data integrations.