What we do?


In the age of mobile internet, we are consolidating our government services on a single platform covering information, services, and payments through a new product called MyPay.


We are managing the 15888 SMS shortcode to enable public information system for the Malaysian government since 2004, with a solid track record of trust and security.


Other products include the development of an application to create mobile apps (AppGen) via GAMMA for government services.

Data Analytics

At the core of what we do is data. It powers our products and allows us to use data to make informed decisions to enhance our service offering.

Why Dapat?

User Focused

We are always developing products with the users perspective in mind. The simplest and easiest way to get something done is one that every user loves.

Data Driven

Every solution is designed using insights from data that we collect. This allows us to advice our partners and clients on highly informed decisions.

Trust & Security

At the core of every service that Dapat provides is the utmost focus on trust and security. This is to ensure that all our users using our products are secure.

Strong Track Record

We have been working alongside our partners for years and will continue to do so, striving to provide the best service and products possible.

Our Partners & Clients.

Our Projects.